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Code: XM18PP16
Colour: Natural, Brown & Grey
Size: 100g
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  • Mixed gingerbread potpourri
  • Mixture of gingerbread scented dried plant materials including leaves & pine cones
  • Provide a gentle natural scent for any room
  • Dimension 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (pack)
  • Sold as a 100g pack

    The Vivante Gingerbread Potpourri is the perfect, natural element with which your Xmas 2020 celebration would not only look amazing, but also ooze of a soft, inviting gingerbread scent. This potpourri features the mixture of gingerbread scented dried plant materials, silver coloured pine cones and dried plant leaves. To preserve the aromatic fragrance, it is sealed tightly in a transparent box.

    Do you plan on ensuring that this Xmas 2020 is the most memorable Christmas you’ve ever had? Then, you shouldn’t focus on only the visual aesthetics alone, but also take into consideration the smell and fragrance of your living space ambiance. This is why this Vivante Gingerbread Potpourri that is encased in a transparent, crystal clear box would be the perfect choice to give every room in your house that pleasant fragrance of gingerbreads which neighbours and visitors would find irresistibly inviting. The box is a perfect square that measures 10 centimetres in length, breadth, and height and has a curved top.