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Code: TINV27HW
Colour: White & Iridescent
Size: 2.7m x 80mm x 6ply
More: 2.7m
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  • White & iridescent pine needle tinsel garland & holly leaves
  • Dimension 2.7m x 80mm x 6ply
  • Sold individually

    The White & Iridescent Holly Leaf Pine Needle Tinsel Garland is a unique take on the ordinary strand of tinsel that is inspired by nature but shiny like a Christmas decorations. Why deck the halls with plain tinsel like everyone else when these sparkly little holly leaves are so much prettier. The iridescent ropes of white tinsel appear to have a foliage of white holly leaves growing out of the end of each strand. As the light hits each shiny holly leaf and pine needle they reflect back into a different shades of colour. The White & Iridescent Holly Leaf Pine Needle Tinsel Garland would look wonderful wrapped around the edges of rooms and large objects, or draped from the ceiling at regular intervals. Doubling up each individually sold garland with a string of Christmas lights would lend to the twinkly air of the decoration, especially if they were blinking. Perfect for decorating nearly any room indoors or outdoors.