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Code: MOTFDC17
Colour: White
Size: 40cm x 20mm x 36cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • White glittered snowflake on white Dacron motif
  • String for easy hanging option
  • Dimension 40cm x 20mm x 36cm
  • Sold individually

    Snowflakes are one of the most beautiful aspects of winter, and while they won't last long in your home, these Hanging White Snowflakes on Dacron will help you enjoy versions of them all season. The attached string makes it easy for you to display them anywhere in your home, but their elegant glittered appearance is also ideal for special winter events.

    They're breathtaking when displayed individually but even better when done so in multiples. Use the string to attach these to windows or walls, on hooks or knobs, or on your Christmas tree. You can also transform them into gift tags and attach them onto wrapped presents or put them on the front of large homemade greeting cards. Whether you're keeping them for yourself to decorate your home or giving them as gifts, they're a simple yet lovely way to celebrate the stunning beauty of the season even if you don't get to experience actual snow first-hand.