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Code: CERA1715
Colour: White
Size: 12cm x 90mm x 55mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • White glazed ceramic Angel Wing tea light holder ornament
  • Dimension 12cm x 90mm x 55mm
  • Sold individually

    Shaped from ceramic with a stunning shiny white glaze, our White Winter Angel Wing Tea Light Ornament is a beautiful festive decoration that has an ethereal charm. This elegant candle holder in a stunning angel wings design is 12cm x 90mm x 55mm in dimension and comes one piece per order.

    The tea light ornament can be placed anywhere in any room, on your desk, table or on the mantelpiece for a welcoming display that will create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in your home this Christmas and will impress your guests year after year. The holder in front of the two wings has enough space for a generously sized candle jar, so all you have to do is place in your favourite scented tea light or votive candle. This product is a wonderful way to remember loved ones who have passed away or can also be a fantastic gift idea since it ships worldwide.