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Code: CERA1514
Colour: White & Silver
Size: 80mm x 80mm x 20cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • White glazed & shiny silver ceramic Reindeer ornament with scarf & holding star
  • Dimension 80mm x 80mm x 20cm
  • Sold individually

    An intricate Christmas ornament in the shape of a Reindeer with detailed features. The large reindeer is ceramic and is finished in a shiny white or silver glaze depending on the part of the product. This ceramic winter reindeer has a detailed scarf and antlers and is holding a star. All features are finished in silver, shiny glaze. The ends of the feet of the reindeer are also finished in a silver glaze. The white winter ceramic reindeer with the star is 8cm wide, 8cm deep and 20 cm tall. This Christmas product is sold during the Christmas season and should be used for decorative purposes. The product is sold individually and is individually priced. In addition to this, the white ceramic winter reindeer can be shipped worldwide.