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Code: SKRT2103
Colour: White with Iridescent & Gold
Size: 1.2m x 1.2m

  • Winter white tree skirt with star sunburst pattern, gold metallic cord border & white trim Christmas tree decoration
  • Various sized star & sunbursts decorated with iridescent & gold glitter
  • Each burst with star at centre & arc bursts coming from star with small stars interspersed between bursts
  • White satin trim
  • Round shape border
  • Dimension 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Place at the base of your Christmas tree or cover any surface to brighten the room with Christmas cheer
  • Included velcro tabs for securing in place
  • Christmas tree skirts can be used in any room & are great for hiding cables or stands
  • Sold individually


    Christmas is celebrated all around the world in various ways, but still, the colours associated with it remain the same.

    With Christmas comes the question of what decorations to buy? We are here to help you with that choice. Apart from all the standard tree decorations that go on the top, a Christmas tree skirt is a piece of rounded fabric used to cover the Christmas tree stand. This white 1.2m x 1.2m Christmas skirt with an iridescent and gold glitter starburst pattern adds to the aesthetic of your room. The use of gold is very significant for Christmas. When Jesus Crist was born, gold was one of the three presents brought to him by the three wise men. With the perfect blend of white and gold, this Christmas skirt is sure to give you a merry Christmas! The Golden starbursts with gold metallic cord border design is sure to give your room a whimsical touch. Don't miss out on the wintry feel this Christmas!