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Code: PLSH2309
Colour: Brown with White
Size: 21cm x 70mm x 21cm

  • Elf pet Reindeer officially licensed Elf on the Shelf plush toy
  • Set includes plush Reindeer toy & a fictional Christmas book for children
  • Each Reindeer wears a magic heart charm around its neck & when cuddled, the magic stored in the charm is activated
  • 18 page illustrated Elf Pets: A Reindeer Tradition Book authored by Chanda Bell
  • Choose & adopt your special Reindeer, read the book & then name Santa's special helper
  • Made from soft & plush material
  • Dimension 21cm x 70mm x 21cm
  • Plush toys are great for little ones to snuggle with on Christmas eve
  • Don't forget to share your Elf on the Shelf & Elf pets adventures with us on social media!
  • Product shipping measurement: 22cm x 90mm x 23cm x 400g
  • Sold as a set with Reindeer & hardback book
  • Book suggested for ages 4-8 Years

    This set captures the essence of Christmas with its charming elements. It goes beyond being just a plush toy; it's an eye-catching decorative item that brings warmth and magic to your home during the holiday season.

    The exquisite plush reindeer in its graceful pose embodies the spirit of the holiday season. This reindeer figurine can create a magical fairy tale theme in your Christmas decor, transporting you and your family to a Christmas wonderland. For those looking to add a touch of serenity and cosiness to their kids' playroom or bedroom, this cute reindeer is a perfect choice. The set includes a fictional Christmas book for children, adding an extra layer of storytelling and imagination to the tradition. This book can become a part of your holiday reading ritual, creating magical moments with your loved ones. Additionally, this plush toy makes for a cuddly and lovable companion for kids. Its soft and huggable texture, crafted with care from plush material, ensures it's perfect for snuggling.