Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the great joys of Christmas. Sometimes keeping your Christmas decorations neat and tidy can be a bigger job than putting them up and taking them down. Luckily there are a great range of accessories that will save you time and help keep you sane during the festive season.


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Christmas lights probably cause the most stress of all Christmas decorations, it can take forever just to untangle them, let alone put them up. This year, invest in a cord wrap and you'll save time and your sanity. This simple plastic reel can store up to 23 metres of lights for stress free storage and easy hanging. Of course, you always need Christmas light clips, gutter clips and garden light stakes, as these seem to disappear into the same black hole as socks every new year, so don't forget to add these to your Christmas decoration shopping list. Have you ever hammered a nail into your front door to hang the Christmas wreath and then had to fill in the hole and repaint the door in the New Year? Grab a large suction hook to solve this problem. Then there is always the dilemma of how to pack and store the Christmas tree. If you're tied of repositioning it in the cupboard and dusting it off each year, the solution is simple - a Nylon Christmas Tree Bag. This 1.5 metre long tough bag will keep your tree dust free and all in one place till next year. Make sure your Christmas decorations are under control this year by stocking up on your accessories for a stress free festive season.