Spending time with loved ones, especially those you don’t typically get to see much throughout the year, is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Christmas games and puzzles are two budget-friendly activities you can do indoors or outside based on the weather and your preference. Our website offers multiple options whether you’d like time to yourself or you’re gathering together with others.

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Christmas puzzles can be a solo activity or one involving several individuals, and they’re a fantastic gift option for anyone who loves doing them for the holidays or throughout the year. If you’d like to do the puzzle on your own, put on your favourite Christmas music, grab a drink and delicious snack, and settle in to put the pieces together while enjoying relaxing downtime. It can be similar if you’d prefer to do the activity with loved ones, just with a lot more food, beverages, and laughs; you could also ask attendees to wear their favourite Christmas outfit. We offer puzzles consisting of a large number of pieces and others that are more suitable for children due to their small amount of pieces.

Love bingo? So do we! Buy one of the bingo games we offer, and you have yourself an instant game night for multiple players. You could play several different rounds and have great Christmas-themed prizes for kids and adults, depending on who is in attendance. Christmas Warehouse sells a variety of potential prize options, including ornaments, toys, inflatables, and Christmas Crackers. Consider also buying Christmas stockings and a glitter glue pen and making one of the prizes a custom stocking with the winner’s name on them.

Christmas memory card games are enjoyable for solo players or teams. They’re fantastic for adults and children and offer a fun activity that can help improve memory skills. Considering the product's compact design, they would also make ideal stocking stuffers for those who like playing memory games. Additionally, if you’re looking for a cute way to give a gift card, think about attaching it to the outside of the memory card game package as an added surprise.

Board games are a classic activity for families and friends to play together, including during the Christmas season. We offer options in festive themes, making them wonderful to play leading up to the holiday. Consider having players wear their favourite Christmas pyjamas and grab a cup of hot chocolate before sitting down to play. If you’d like to give a pre-Christmas gift to a family, board games can be a charming option.

Activity books make adorable stocking stuffer options, or, considering their size, they would look great when attached to the top of wrapping paper that covers a child’s gift. The books can help keep the recipient busy on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day after they open gifts if they start to feel bored or antsy and want something fun to keep themselves entertained.

One of the biggest benefits of buying yourself Christmas games and puzzles or giving them as gifts is that they're reusable year-after-year. It’s easy to establish a great collection to play with family and friends every Christmas, and it sets up the opportunity to have a long day of playing games or an evening with cocktails and competition as soon as you’re ready to take your holiday decorations, attire, and supplies out of storage.

Christmas Warehouse offers a wide selection of Christmas games and activities for all ages. Browse through our festive options and see which most appeal to you. Should you want to give some as gifts, narrow down your options by looking at the themes, reviewing the recommended ages for the items you’re considering, and think about if the person would rather use the game or activity by themselves or with others. With the many exciting possibilities to choose from, you may find yourself buying more than one for everyone on your shopping list or for your personal ever-growing holiday activity collection.