Customize your holiday tree with a handpicked selection of Christmas ornaments. From glittering stars to adorable characters, The Christmas Warehouse brings you a wide variety of hanging ornaments to choose from. Read more...

The holiday season would be sorely lacking without the seasonal practice of decorating the tree and selecting this year’s ornaments. Whether you’re building your ornament stash or adding some fresh new items to your usual ornament roundup, our collection of individual hanging decorations has a little something for everyone. Celebrate baby’s first Christmas with a commemorative ornament or display a miniature scene showing Santa relaxing on the beach. Mix and match a selection of colour coordinated glitter sets in multiple styles and shapes, or opt for a country - style crafted tree with pinecones, burlap, and felt ornaments. Whether you’re going natural or glamorous, we have everything you need to create a perfect Christmas tree to delight your family and friends.

Each ready - to - hang ornament comes with pre - strung ribbon loop hangers or hook - ready mounting eyes. Involve the whole family in your annual tree decoration process with fun and stylish holiday ornaments in various styles. Materials range from claydough to burlap, ceramic, sequin, and lightweight metals. For safe, break - free tree displays, opt for durable plastics, claydough, or metal ornaments that withstand jostling and dropping. Especially if you have pets or young family members, planning ahead of time with your ornament selection will help you avoid unwanted clean - ups and shattering decorations. Attaching your ornaments firmly on sturdy, high - up branches will also help reduce bumping or unnecessary damage to your holiday tree ornaments.

Stock up on multiple copies of your favourite ornaments or mix and match your own personalized batch of holiday ornaments. Create a magical wonderland in the branches of your evergreen with miniature scenes and adorable iconic motifs with everyone’s favourite characters. Update the traditional Christmas collection with new holiday animals and styles. Include humorous beachside Santas and little dogs dressed for the season, or opt for classic imagery like reindeer, stars, and sleighs. Accentuate your more detailed ornaments with simple glittered baubles or bedazzled metal stars. There is no limit to the multitude of design outcomes as you create your own handpicked collection of Christmas tree ornaments to suit your needs and personality.

Decorate your office tree with hassle - free ornaments in matching shades and motifs. Buy individual ornaments to help fill out your workplace selection or replace damaged items. For a quick and easy tree scheme, put together a collection of simple matching ornaments and string your tree with lights. Add personality to your workplace with more detailed claydough scenes or crafty sewn felt ornaments that resist breakage and reduce ornament loss. When the holiday season is over, each ornament packs safely away for next year and takes up only a small amount of space in your workplace storage closet.

You can also use individual hanging ornaments to add detail to your hanging garlands, Christmas swags, and wreaths. Simply attach your selected items to your front door wreaths or banister garlands and you’ve created an instantly classic holiday display piece to be proud of. If you’re making your own centrepieces for a holiday meal or seasonal party, hang small decorative ornaments from your display branches or miniature trees for a quick and festive décor accessory. Accent your family’s hanging stockings by decorating their loops with an ornament that is custom - fit for each of your loved ones, then watch as they hang their new ornaments on the tree. Use individually selected holiday ornaments as a fun and useful decorative party favour, or attach them to the outside of your wrapped gifts for an added surprise.

Adding your own personalized touch to the holiday tree tradition is easy with our wide selection of individually hanging ornaments. Delight your family as they handle and hang these fun and elegant pieces. Choose a few select pieces to update your existing collection, or create a completely new look for our holiday tree this Christmas season.


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