We all like to decorate our homes and stores to look beautiful and enticing – more so during Christmas. Three dimensional Christmas decorations have the remarkable ability to share the joy of the season to neighbours and visitors whether it is our elegant Snow accented forest branch tree or our multi-coloured LED rope light spiral tree. The three dimensional Christmas light displays you see here not only have amazing multi-coloured lights among other features, but they also have the ability to quickly put your guests in the festive spirit! The holidays are the time when you have parties, get-togethers or special events and you can choose from our large collection of 3D Christmas light displays that are great to use as special individual features around your plot. You can even use one or more of these displays to decorate the interior of your home or business as well as the exteriors and they will be the physical representation of Christmas spirit that will help create many cherished moments between your friends and family. Read more...

Our spiral rope light and multi-coloured Christmas trees are quick and easy to install and will give you a splendid light show in just minutes. The three Snow Accented and warm white Led pine branches stakes can be inserted in the ground to easily illuminate your walkways and give a stylish welcome to Santa! Keep in mind your Christmas theme and colour scheme while selecting light displays so that you choose decorations with complementary colours. For example, multicolour LED Christmas trees will add a splash of colour to a home that is decorated in cool white lighting whereas displays with warm white or neutral white light go wonderfully with dark or warm tones.

Keep one 3D Christmas tree display at your entryway to give a warm welcome to your visitors and one display in your foyer or living room as a cheerful and charming holiday accent. The bright LED lights in the trees will shine brilliantly through the spiral row or vertical design of display creating a multidimensional decoration that looks whimsical as well as eye-catching whether viewed from the front or back. There are digital controllers included in some to enable you to digitally control the lighting and colours, while others have static as well as multi-speed functions so that you can choose your animated sequences or effects to create a fantastic display. Make these the focal point of your holiday displays and they will mesmerize your guests by the dancing lights while also fetching you many compliments!

Every 3D light display is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is mains power operated complying with Australian safety and performance requirements. The effects include flashing, strands of lights twinkling around the tree, snowing, alternating, steady and more. Each display is well constructed with a metal framework and spiral rope light or light string strands forming tree cone-like shapes and are pre-programmed with a series of animated light patterns. Most of them feature stands or stakes which help them to stay up on their own outside in the garden or yard without the need for extra support or tools. They instantly light up your outdoor area spreading a festive and cheerful spirit all around.

Our popular displays in 3D freestanding light display decorations include Snow accented and warm white LED pine branches stakes, 3D Neutral White LED Light Reindeer motif, Blue & Cool White 3D Christmas tree, Neutral white LED set of 3D Reindeer family rope light display, and Dual Colour sequence LED Cherry Blossom tree! Available in different sizes, each 3D light display will look great on its own or can be mixed with other decorations/displays to create an elegant and enchanting design. The durable structure of each item and the energy-efficient LED lighting will keep you and your family entertained for many years to come.


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