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Code: XMTY2222
Colour: Red with White, Black, Yellow & Blue
Size: 150 Pieces
More: 150 Piece

  • Jolly Santa with big gift nanoblocks
  • Father Christmas with with a large Christmas present in one have, is carrying a sack full of toys on his back
  • nanoblocks code NBC_200
  • Level difficulty: 2 blocks out 5
  • Contains 150 micro-sized block building pieces
  • nanoblock toys develop creativity, problem solving, hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills
  • nanoblock pieces can be as small as 4mm
  • Instructions included as well as spare blocks
  • Easy block piece connection with nanoblocks patented block design
  • Product shipping measurement: 10cm x 20mm x 14cm x 50g
  • Recommended for ages from 12 years & up

    Let this amazing Santa piece work his jolliness right into your heart with this Nanoblocks Santa Claus Christmas Toy. Let these colourful Nanoblocks take shape right beneath your fingertips.

    Create unique and playful pieces as you assemble these Nanoblocks. Let Santa Claus spread warmth and charm into your home and spread his jolliness right into your heart. Aesthetically appealing, creative, and interesting Nanoblocks can spice up your Christmas experience. Feel inspired to create amazing and fascinating pieces that will show off your creative energy. Ideal to be displayed as ornaments in your living room, bedroom, or children's room to add a whimsical appeal. You can decide to take a different route by displaying your amazing creations on your front porch to make a great first impression on your guests. Personalize your home by making pieces that are unique to you. What makes these pieces unique is their aesthetic and functional quality. Nanoblocks Santa Claus Christmas Toy gives room for expression of creativity.