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Code: SKRT2014
Colour: Pink with Gold
Size: 1.2m x 1.2m

If you're looking for a way to finish off your tree, a tree skit is the go to product. This sophisticated skirt is pik satin edged and has a gold glitter patterned organza centre that's over a satin base. It's really pretty and looks like a million dollars. List your tree to new heights!

  • Retro pink satin tree skirt Christmas tree decoration
  • Decorated with gold sequined & glittered starburst pattern on meshed fabric & velvet trim
  • Round shape border
  • Dimension 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Place at the base of your Christmas tree or cover any surface to brighten the room with Christmas cheer
  • Included velcro tabs for securing in place
  • Christmas tree skirts can be used in any room & are great for hiding cables or stands
  • Sold individually

    Have you been a user of Christmas tree skirts? Then you will appreciate this Pink With Gold Sequin Starburst Pattern & Velvet Trim Tree Skirt also. Have you never given it any thought about the importance of using one? Then this pink coloured tree skirt is also what you need to change your mind and convince you about the functionality and decorative effect of Christmas tree skirts.

    The Pink With Gold Sequin Starburst Pattern & Velvet Trim Tree Skirt is unparalleled in ornamental effect and quality. This Xmas tree skirt is made of pink coloured satin fabric which has the beautiful Christmas motif of an outburst of stars. These stars shine brightly as they are bedazzled with sequins and adorned in gold glitters. This is then surrounded by soft velvet satin trims. Use it with your Christmas tree this year and see for yourself the glamorous look it would endow on your Christmas decorations. With its thoughtful design, there is no stress or sweat when inserting it unto the base of your Christmas tree.