Let your precious pets share in the joy of the holiday season with Christmas - themed toys, accessories, and outfits.

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Christmas is for everyone to enjoy, which includes your furry friends! While you and your family are enjoying holiday roasts, long - awaited gifts, and seasonal treats, your pets are waiting patiently for their turn at enjoying the Christmas cheer. Reward your dog or cat for a year of companionship and good behavior with fun holiday wearables and pet - friendly stocking stuffers. Delight your family with funny Christmas - themed pet costumes or accessories, add a timely seasonal touch to your pet’s bedding, or treat them to an exciting assortment of new holiday toys.

Save a special outfit for your pet on Christmas morning and turn them into a reindeer, one of Santa’s helpers, or a candy cane. Spread the Christmas feeling and make guests laugh with a pair of pet reindeer antlers or a pet - friendly Santa hat that secures comfortably and safely on your pet as they explore the holiday festivities. While you’re planning your Christmas day outfit, make plans to let your pets experience the special events of holiday and join in the fun of festive accessories.

For a simpler touch, try outfitting your pet with a specialty holiday collar or harness featuring all the classic holiday touches: jingle bells, red and white stripes, and festive green details. As your pet trots into the room, they’ll steal the show! Including your pet in the fun will help them get some much - needed attention while adding to the excitement of the holiday season. Coordinate your pet’s accessories with your holiday home décor for an expertly - planned look. Save your pet’s Christmas accessories year after year to add to your cache of fun holiday traditions and establish a festive routine that you’ll look forward to every year.

As a useful Christmas gift, treat your pet to a new holiday - themed winter bed to keep them warm all through the night. For dogs, try a padded doggie bed, shearling - lined mat, or festive blanket. Treat your cats to a covered den, holiday scratching post, or raised pedestal. As a cozy place to curl up with their favourite new toys, the Christmas bed is the perfect practical gift for any pet. Christmas - themed pet beds are a great way to keep your pet’s bedding fresh while matching the seasonal décor of your household.

Assembling a Christmas stocking for your pet is another great way to treat them this holiday season. Hang your pet’s stocking over their bed, filled with fun toys and treats for an exciting Christmas morning experience. While you and your family begin the holiday practice of emptying stockings and opening gifts, your pet can empty their own stocking. Fill your dog’s or cat’s stocking with a selection of squeaky toys, plush Christmas characters, treats, and jingling accessories to keep them busy during the hustle and bustle of Christmas day. For added excitement, you can place the full stocking on the floor and challenge them to remove the items one at a time, exploring each toy at their own pace. This is best accomplished by placing new, unwrapped toys in the stocking so that you won’t have to worry about your pet eating wrappings or tags. Giving your pet something to occupy themselves with as your family exchanges gifts and enjoys meals will help ease the tension of juggling holiday activity and reduce the stress of meeting your family’s myriad needs.

If you plan to travel on Christmas day, you can spend some time in the morning giving your pet their stockings or gifts so that they will have something to enjoy while you’re gone. For pets who are travelling with your family, a new toy can keep him or her occupied during long car trips and encourage good behavior while spending time in your host’s home. Adding pet - friendly holiday treats to your pet’s stocking will also help spice up your training routine by adding new and enticing rewards for tricks and obedience.