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Code: STCK2303
Colour: Red with Green, White & Brown
Size: 28cm x 48cm

  • Doggo treats require a special pooch Christmas sock!
  • Red velvet stocking features embroidered 'WOOF' decorated with three green velvet paw prints
  • Each letter includes:
    • - W with diagonal red & white velvet appliqued
    • - O with cute light brown puppy face on white velvet with white edging
    • - O & F with metallic green tinsel fabric with green edging
  • Cute little pup is wearing a Santa hat with 3D pom pom that has iridescent highlights
  • Green velvet paws include green stitch edging
  • Christmas dog stocking features a soft white faux fur cuff
  • Sock has red velvet loop for easy hanging
  • Dimension 28cm x 48cm
  • Santa stockings are great for all of those little stocking fillers & can be hung from your Christmas tree, mantle or if you are very lucky, at the base of your chimney!
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 22cm x 20mm x 22cm x 100g
  • Sold individually

    The Christmas stocking is a timeless tradition that never goes out of style. Our stocking brings the essence of Christmas to life with its festive colours, instantly elevating the ambience of your Christmas tree.

    Crafted from luxurious red velvet, this stocking showcases the embroidered word 'WOOF,' surrounded by three charming green velvet paw prints. The adorable pup depicted wears a Santa hat adorned with a 3D pom-pom, complete with iridescent highlights that add a touch of whimsy. To complete the look, a soft white faux fur cuff adorns the top of the stocking. The real magic happens with the shimmering details on the letters 'O' and 'F,' which make Christmas morning truly enchanting, capturing the attention of anyone who enters your space. Embrace the enduring charm of this Christmas stocking and let it infuse your holiday celebrations with joy and warmth. Versatile in its design, this Christmas stocking is not just a decoration but also an embodiment of playfulness that can brighten up your fireplace mantle, bannister, or bookshelf.