After you have purchased your desired goods from us, our warehouse will consolidate and pack your order in industrial strength packaging ready for delivery to you.

Your order is delivered to you by an independent courier company. We have conducted business with these companies over many years as have many companies throughout Australia, and we are confident that this method of delivery of your order is the most safe, efficient and economical method of transporting your goods to you. The courier companies that we use pride themselves on a very high level of service and performance.

Your order will have a consignment note accompanying it when it is delivered to you and the delivery driver will ask you to sign this consignment note when the goods are delivered to you. It is essential that you carefully read the consignment note. Only sign the consignment note if the cartons of the goods delivered have not been damaged in any way and only if the total quantity of the cartons on the consignment note have been delivered. If any of these instances occur you must write down the problems on the consignment note (e.g. 4 cartons on the consignment note - but only 2 cartons delivered) and request the delivery driver acknowledge this by printing his/her name on the consignment note. In addition, please e-mail us as soon as possible advising us of the details. If you do not follow this procedure and sign the consignment note without making these notes, you are acknowledging that the entire delivery is correct and in perfect condition.

We highly recommend that you choose a delivery address where during the main course of the day, someone is present to accept your delivery. Your workplace is the ideal delivery point. The courier companies cannot guarantee a delivery date or time due to the volume of their deliveries however the majority of deliveries are between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

If no one is present to accept the delivery, the delivery driver will leave a delivery card in your mail box or under you door, noting that they have attempted to deliver the goods to you. This delivery card will have all the contact details for the delivery company and you will need to contact the delivery company to arrange a suitable time for a second delivery to you within 48 hours. 


International orders

All international orders are currently sent by Australia Post and delivered by your local post company.


Have you considered having your order delivered to your place of work?


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