Tree skirts are a tradition that is both utilitarian and decorative. While is it true that tree skirts are used to hide unsightly tree stands and serve as a backdrop for beautifully wrapped presents, they were invented under a more useful pretense.


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Early Christmas trees were decorated with flickering candles. The tree skirts were designed to catch the wax before it landed on the floor. Though the practice of real candles on the tree is no longer recognized, tree skirts have remained an important decorative item during the season.
The tree skirts available from the Christmas Warehouse come in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and patterns. Each skirt is uniquely designed to fit around your tree, hide the tree stand and look beautiful with your decked tree.
From a delicate village scene to a velvety red, the tree skirts at the Christmas Warehouse will fit any taste or style. The patterns and colours will match any decor scheme, from classic and traditional to chic and modern to everything in between.
Tree skirts from the Christmas Warehouse are sure to last through the years. You can let them stand alone, or set your presents on top. Many people choose to run a train around their tree, or perhaps place a village scene underneath it. The tree skirt would create a perfect backdrop for either of those ideas as well.
From the star on top to the skirt on the bottom, the Christmas Warehouse has everything you need to deck your tree (and the rest of your home) for the holidays this year.