Spread the joy of the holiday season with bon bon catering packs to delight your entire family. Use as a decoration and crack them open on Christmas day!

Part of the joy of Christmas is returning to much - loved traditions like decorating the tree, tasting old family recipes, and exchanging gifts. One tradition, the practice of opening bon bon crackers, is a fun and festive way to delight your fellow Christmas - goers before ringing in the New Year. Use bonbons as a holiday party favour, office gift, or stocking stuffers to enchant friends, family and colleagues. Spread the Christmas cheer and keep fond memories of opening Christmas crackers together by the fire, seeing what each one contains, and enjoying the festivity of the occasion.


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Our wide selection of bon bon designs allows you to customize your holiday cracker to fit your home design scheme or holiday theme party. For a classic addition to your holiday décor, opt for silver, gold, or metallic red and green to help spread the Christmas cheer with every pop. If you're feeling adventurous, try a more detailed design pattern with elegant natural graphics or fun characters.

Add bonbons to your dinner table and your holiday table setting just got more exciting! Set a matching bon bon at each seat so that your guests or family members can delight in opening an after - dinner popper. Holiday bon bon catering packs allow you to purchase Christmas carckers in bulk so that you receive a better value for your money while providing for everyone. The more party guests you have, the more you'll need a fun and affordable gift to hand out to all of those you care for.

Bon bons are a Christmas favourite for a reason: they offer an exciting experience and fun novelty gifts to enjoy with others. Some bonbon come with paper party hats in various colours to make your friends and family laugh, while others contain jokes, candies, or small novelty items. The delight of surprise makes the Christmas cracker tradition fun and exciting. Catering or bulk packs offer your family or guests the widest range of gift items to dazzle and excite the child in everyone.

Use bulk bon bon catering packs to style and decorate your home for the holidays. Hide bonbons in your Christmas tree for a fun holiday tradition or arrange them in a display jar to preserve the magic and anticipation of Christmas. Fill a decorative bowl with Christmas crackers to hand out at work for a parting holiday token of appreciation. Bulk and catering packs help extend the value of your purchase and ensure that each of your recipients will be accounted for. Buying extra bon bons will help you guarantee that you won't forget anyone this holiday season.

Catering packs also serve great for hotels or restaurants in that Christmas in July function or Christmas work party festivity. With large volume of guests, Christmas cracker catering packs make it easy to keep consistent table themes for large groups. Christmas Warehouse also carry Santa and Elf hats to keep the guests dressed to match the festive seasons.

Bonbons are a wonderful multipurpose gift for the holidays, and add a touch of festive fun to your Christmas gatherings. Hand them out as a stand - alone gift, party favour, or decorative wrapping addition. Tie a Christmas cracker to the front of any sized package with ribbon for stylish and traditional gift - wrapping. Match your bon bon to the wrapping paper or ribbon to really impress your gift recipient. Add bonbons to your Christmas stockings and prepare for the excitement of holiday poppers. For an extra dose of holiday magic, try surprising your family Christmas morning with a popper by their bedside. Christmas crackers are an excellent way to keep fussy kids occupied during the inevitable multitasking involved in Christmas planning. Start a new tradition by hiding an entire bon bon catering pack around the house on Christmas Eve and challenging your family to a gift hunt! You'll find that anxious Christmas - ready children will love hunting for bon bons in all of your home's sneakiest places while you enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. Once they've found all the hidden bonbons, they get to entertain themselves with fun hats, treats and toys.