While Christmas celebrations vary throughout the world, and can change from one year to the next, there are some traditions that seem to endure regardless of the town, country, or temperature! Yes, we may often forgo the hot roast lunch in Australia these days in favour of fresh, delicious seafood, but you're still likely to be devouring those prawns near the Christmas tree, under gorgeous Christmas decorations, and with a bon bon Christmas cracker by your plate.


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Christmas crackers can bring a little touch of magic to any table. They're an age-old favourite, adults can get a laugh from them, and children love them. You can choose bright and colourful for a touch of fun, or select colours or patterns to match your table setting and other Christmas decorations in the room. How about classic gold and red, or silver and white for a touch of elegance? Each bon bon contains a small novelty item. If you share the crackers among your guests, everyone receives a gift. Crackers can also be used to decorate any room, retail store or business. Sprinkle some amongst presents under the tree, pile a few as a table centrepiece or distribute them among display shelves. If you are using crackers as part of a professional display or if you are having a large extended-family celebration, we have bulk catering packs available at great prices. For all of your Christmas crackers, Christmas decorations, gift wrap and ribbons, trees and even gifts, we have a huge selection of quality items for you to choose from.

Bon bons are also an excellent choice for your Christmas in July celebrations and table settings.