When shopping with The Christmas Warehouse, or when you join our VIP Club, you will be asked to provide a password. You are responsible for this password and you should prevent the password from being disclosed to any third party.

Password safety tips

Passwords help protect your personal information and you should carefully consider your chosen password.

Here are a few general tips to help you strengthen the security of your passwords:

  • Don't use conventional words
  • Avoid regular words with numbers added to the end
  • Avoid using regular words that are simply written backwards (e.g. your name)
  • Don't use personal information in your passwords like your name and date of birth
  • Don't use your phone number
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Try include a word in your passwords that has personal meaning as it will be easier to remember
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis
  • Try and use different passwords for different applications


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