Updated 19/08/2020

Save up to 10% online and in store - permanently!

Earn points immediately! Each dollar you spend on items in store or online accrue 1 full point.

  • Join for free and accrue from your first purchase.
  • Accrue points to increase your discount level.

  • Junior Elf 0 to 299 points 3% discount
    Senior Elf 300 to 999 points 5% discount
    Master Elf 1000 points or more      10% discount*

  • You must make at least 1 purchase every 3 years to maintain your points. 
  • Points do not diminish when making a purchase 
  • Accrued discount level is available to view by logging in to your online account. 
  • Points accrue for purchases online and in store. Discount benefits are available online and in store. 
  • Please allow up to 10 minutes for your details to be available in store once you have signed up. Unplanned and unforeseen circumstances may prevent data from being available in store within that time. In that case, you MUST be able to show your membership online, including points, in order to claim your discount. 
  • Points are not redeemable for cash or any other benefit.
  • You can join the VIP Club online only at www.christmaswarehouse.com.au
  • As a VIP member, you are eligible to accrue points and enjoy the discounts at any store in Australia, and online. 
  • Freight charges online do not accrue points, and are not subject to discounts. 
  • Your discount is calculated as a reduction off the selling price of the goods in store at the time of purchase. 
  • Points for a transaction accrue at the finalisation of a transaction, Transactions that result in your points balance enabling a higher discount rate will be discounted at the discount rate indicated by your points balance at the beginning of the transaction. 
  • If you were a VIP member BEFORE AUGUST 2015, you have an automatic opening balance of 1500 points and maintain your 10% discount. A purchase is required every three years from July 2014 to maintain your membership, points, and discount structure.
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. You must claim (ask for) your discount at the time of purchase by indicating that you are a VIP member. Member details must be present online or in-store for benefits to apply. No discounts will be back dated. Staff of The Christmas Warehouse are not obligated to ask if you are a VIP Club member. 
  • To claim your VIP discount, you can either present your Christmas Warehouse VIP Club card, state that you are a member, or provide a member number to checkout staff . If staff are unable to locate your membership, they are not authorised to provide a discount.
  • You can show your VIP card at checkout on your smartphone screen by logging into your account on our website. 
  • You may use any form of photo ID to confirm your VIP membership. On occasion, staff may request that you show proof of your ID. 
  • Please refer to our terms and conditions for our full VIP Club terms and conditions.

* For purchases made on or after 02/09/2015