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Code: SKRT2104
Colour: Natural with White
Size: 58cm x 58cm x 23cm
More: Cone 3D Shape

  • 3D vertical fixed shape skirt burlap with white print & rope bow skirt Christmas tree decoration
  • White print of three prancing reindeers
  • This simple skirt is made from burlap with natural coloured rope with bow adorning top of skirt
  • Conical frustum shape
  • Dimension 58cm x 58cm x 23cm
  • Top opening measurement 38cm x 38cm
  • Place at the base of your Christmas tree
  • Great for trees with large gaps between floor & bottom branches
  • Christmas tree skirts can be used in any room & are great for hiding cables or tree stands
  • Sold individually

    People go all out for Christmas decorations.

    Whether it is looking for the perfect tree or buying the most glamorous decorations, people will be flooding shops this time of the year. We present you with a simple yet elegant pop up burlap with reindeer print conical shape Christmas tree skirt at the swipe of your finger. This burlap Christmas skirt is the perfect option to hide the unattractive trunk of your tree. With its conical shape, it is not only pleasing to look at but also conserves space. This 58cm x 58cm x 23cm conical-shaped burlap Christmas tree skirt can add a natural aesthetic look to your room. It is perfect for people who would like to go with neutral decor ideas for their Christmas tree and also people who would like to have a traditionally decorated Christmas tree. The rope bow and three prancing reindeers make for a perfect Christmas environment.