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Code: XM171022
Colour: White
Size: 80g / 250ml
More: 80 Grams

  • White Christmas faux snow spray
  • Easy to use & ideal for decorating glass windows & mirrors
  • Great with stencils to get an awesome Christmas winter feel on your windows
  • Get your Christmas thumb on and have some fun decorating your home or office
  • 80g / 250ml per can
  • Use with care & keep out of reach of small children
  • Product shipping measurement: 50mm x 50mm x 16cm x 50g
  • Sold as a can

    The White Santa Snow Spray is contained in a rhino grey can on which is written the festive greeting of "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in a conspicuous maroon red colour. The top of the can is translucent and can easily be uncapped for that magical snowing spray. The snow spray can pack more than enough snow as each can has 80 grams of snow spray content.

    One thing that adds to the beauty of Christmas festivities is snow. The white, chilly snowflakes change the environment and turn it into a spectacle of white landscape. Plus, the family gets to enjoy and engage in snow ball fights and also in the building of a snowman. Well, you may not be able to do all that using this White Santa Snow Spray, but you certainly can create your own lovely snow scene with it. Particularly if you live in a region which it rarely snows, you will find it perfect for recreating the magic of snow. Simply spray it on your glass windows, mirrors and other such glass surface for the best visual experience.