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Code: ORNMNC04
Colour: Red with Gold, White, Black & Green
Size: 10cm x 80mm x 39cm

  • Traditional Christmas Nutcracker decorative ornament
  • In his fashionable uniform, this attentive tin soldier is ready to protect your family
  • Showing his big teeth & with his wild blue eyes, bad spirits will stay well clear!
  • Nutcracker's attire includes:
    • - Red & gold glitter coronet
    • - White faux hair & goatee with black painted moustache & brows
    • - Red jacket with white pom pom fabric edging on jacket lapel
    • - Also includes gold shoulder sequins & tassels
    • - Red & white horizontal stripe shirt with white pom pom fabric edging
    • - Black vinyl belt with thin gold buckle
    • - Green short pants with white faux fur trim
    • - Black boots with gold painted criss cross pattern laces
  • Toy soldier is holding copper coloured staff in right hand
  • Staff decorated with gold glitter bauble shape cap & gold glitter mesh ribbon bow
  • Soldier figurine stands on black square base with gold glitter on base top
  • Dimension 10cm x 80mm x 39cm
  • Add some good luck & fun to your home while keeping your family safe with traditional Nutcrackers & Toy Soldiers
  • It is normal for glitter decorated products to lose excess glitter, especially with initial unpacking & sprucing
  • Sold for decorative purposes only
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 12cm x 10cm x 40cm x 500g
  • Sold individually

    A lovely ornamental piece to create a fascinating and alluring Christmas theme. This attentive soldier is a sure way of inviting glee and whimsy into your home during the Christmas season.

    Our Classic Christmas Nutcracker With Ball Staff Decorative Ornament is characterized by its red and gold glitter coronet, red jacket, gold shoulder tassels, red and white striped shirt with black short pants. This attentive soldier has white faux hair that gives it a sophisticated vibe. A sweet showpiece that stands guard in your space to ward off danger and spread an air of positivity. Rest assured, this ornamental piece is sure to become a treasured holiday decoration that'll bring good luck. Perfect to be placed at strategic spots in your home to add a touch of Christmas. Add a spark of interest to your interior with this stylish nutcracker figurine. Perfect to be positioned both indoors and outdoors to create a welcoming feel this festive