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Code: DECR1132
Colour: Gold
Size: 60mm
More: 12 Pack

Sparkling sophistication is what these amazing sequin baubles say about you. There are 12 in the pack and all sparkle in the glow of your christmas lights. Use for a gold theme or indeed any theme that incorporates gold - so many options!

  • Sphere shaped hanging Christmas tree decoration
  • Pack includes:
    • 12 x gold shiny sequin & glitter
  • Each bauble includes gold cap
  • Dimension 60mm
  • Christmas baubles are shatterproof design, perfect for any Christmas environment
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a pack of 12

    Let the world revolve around with sparkling brilliance in your home when you incorporate this Gold Metallic Sequins & Glitter Coated Baubles into your Christmas decorations this Xmas. Like other conventional baubles, this bauble has a spherical shape. But unlike other baubles, it shines and sparkles in gold coloured radiance, perfect for your home decor!

    It has been established through science that the world is perfectly spherical. This is the source of inspiration for this Gold Metallic Sequins & Glitter Coated Baubles as it is crafted in a perfect spherical shape and endowed with the radiance of glitters and the sparkle of sequins all in the rich, irresistible colour of refined gold. Decorating your Christmas tree, display stand, display shelves, living room wall, bedroom wall, dining room wall, and other such objects and places with this gold glittering bauble would make your home look like where the stars have decided to pitch their tent this coming Christmas. It would be a great loss if you delay in placing your order and we run out of stock. So, place that order now and be expectant of a glittering Christmas.