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Code: TREEST21
Colour: Dark green with Black
Size: 34cm x 34cm x 10cm (stand)
More: Fresh Tree Stand

  • Real Christmas tree stand with foot pedal mechanism & clamping
  • Single cable technology for quick & easy tree securing
  • Includes visible red water level indicator to help when tree is loaded
  • Holds trees up to 2.2m in height & trunk 30mm to 13cm in diameter
  • Clamps lock & keep tree stable, straight & centred
  • Release foot lever lock before operating & fasten when tree is secured in place
  • Water reservoir can hold up to 3.1 litres of water
  • Stand weighted to 4kg for added stability
  • Dimension 34cm x 34cm x 10cm (stand)
  • Keep your Christmas tree fresh & beautiful for the entire festive season
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    What is Christmas with a Christmas tree? And what is a Christmas tree without a proper stand?

    Christmas brings with it the joy of decorating the Christmas tree. With so many styles of decorations available in the market, shopping for the top part of the Christmas tree is no biggie. But, what about the stand? Do not worry because we bring forth to you a live Christmas tree stand with a pedal. It comes with a foot pedal and a single cable technology for easy sprucing and management. This modernist tree stand comes with a water reservoir for holding up to 3.1 litres of water. So do not stress about forgetting to water your tree this Christmas! It is capable of holding trees up to 2.2 meters in height and trunks of 30mm to 13cm in diameter. This 34cm x 34cm x 10cm stand is four kilograms in weight to help withstand the Christmas tree and make it stand tall.