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Code: STEM2203
Colour: Red with Brown
Size: 26cm x 70mm x 68cm
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  • Berry branch look decorative Christmas foliage pick
  • Features plump red berries with light frosting
  • Various sized berries between 14mm & 20mm sit on reddish brown branches
  • Berries lightly covered in spots with silver glitter & crystal beads to give light frost look
  • Brown extra twigs in bunch also covered sporadically with crystal beads
  • Dimension 26cm x 70mm x 68cm (spruced with 30cm stem)
  • Cut sprays stem for desired height
  • Great for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets & floral arrangements
  • Use a stem selection to create your own floral DIY Christmas vase decoration
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 10mm x 50mm x 59cm x 50g
  • Sold individually

    Made to look realistic and appealing. This ornamental piece has the right colour, size, and feel of a real red berry. Featuring lush red berries on a branch and details like silver glitter and crystal beads to give a subtle frost appearance.

    Designed to catch attention, this daring Red Berry & Branches ornament is a classic piece to make a bold statement on any Christmas tree, wreath or garland while giving your interior a breathtaking and cosy feel. If you want to add a spark of interest to your interior, this piece is just perfect. You can neatly arrange it on a vase as a unique centrepiece. What's more, this piece is beautiful for decorating bouquets. Our Red Berry and Branches With Frost Look Decorative Christmas Spray Stem is sure to make any arrangement look beautiful and invite the holiday spirit. Plus, red berries represent perfection and sweetness, you sure want to have these qualities in your home this Christmas season.