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Code: GARL1517
Colour: Silver
Size: 7.6m x 40mm
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  • Six point shiny silver stars wired Christmas garland
  • Wire core allows for simple shape moulding
  • Perfect for wrapping around Christmas tree or can be used as a stand alone decoration
  • Dimension 7.6m x 50mm
  • Simply uncoil & wrap around your centrepiece
  • Wired garlands are great for decking out any celebration including birthdays, weddings, engagements or gatherings
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    This Silver Star Wired Garland can help you celebrate all the bright stars in your life this Christmas. During the holidays and throughout the year, those you love and the relationships you have with them are so important, and your tree can reflect that.

    One decorating option is to wrap this wired garland around your tree in whatever way you prefer, then gather together hard copy colour or black and white photographs of people and animals that mean the world to you. If you choose, you could also include pictures of places, such as the family home you grew up in or images of your favourite vacation spot. Transform the pictures into ornaments, then allow the garland to bring out all the best of the photos by hanging them in between the strands of stars. These photograph ornaments give you the chance to reuse them for the next Christmas, give them to your loved ones, or keep them for yourself to display during the year in any way you desire.