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Code: DECRH932
Colour: Silver
Size: 15cm x 10mm x 15cm

Rhianna knows it - shine bright like a diamond...Christmas hanging decoration. This one is particulary stunning with a lavish quantitiy of glitter decorating the snowflake frame, while the gold and silver colouring makes for an elegant statement. And then there is that diamond. Wow.

  • Star shape hanging ornament
  • Silver glittered decorated eight point star
  • Eight starburst like flames come out from the core
  • Decorated with multiple diamante feature at the centre of & around the star
  • Dimension 15cm x 10mm x 15cm
  • Silver string for easy hanging
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    The gold coloured Silver Glittered Star With Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament has such a stunningly impeccable look which is achieved through its artful combination of gold coloured body, silver glittered jagged edges and diamante encrusted extension. The centre of this ornament then features a hexagonal diamante skilfully set into the middle of the snowflakes.

    At Australia's largest Christmas Warehouse, we stock a wide range of snowflake themed decorative items which have versatile decorative purposes. For example, the Silver Glittered Star With Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament is an irresistibly charming Christmas themed decorative edifice that exhibits such skilful imitation of snowflakes with extra embellishment for the perfect decorative atmosphere. With a body covered in silver glitters and variously shaped diamantes which includes a big, centre encrusted hexagonal diamante; it will surely add a touch of charming delight to your Christmas decoration. Sold individually at discounted price, you can buy as many as necessary for your family's Christmas tree decoration and as an inexpensive gift item to give to family, friends and loved ones. It even comes with a silver coloured chain for easy hanging.