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Code: XMTY2306
Colour: Red & White
Size: One Size Fits Most Small To Medium Adult Sized Feet
More: Pair

  • Lovable ugly Christmas winter sweater theme striped long socks with Reindeer
  • Socks decorated with red horizontal candy stripes on white
  • Top of pair features red Reindeers & snowflakes with straight line top border & pair zigzag lines bottom border
  • Pair includes white cuff with green heel & toe
  • Fun, vibrant & adorable Christmas socks for your feet!
  • One size fits most small to medium adult sized feet
  • Sold as a pair

    Designed to infuse your look with a touch of sparkling eccentricity. These super-thick socks provide maximum warmth and comfort, ensuring that your feet stay cosy and snug throughout the winter season.

    Designed with a Christmas sweater theme, the top of each sock features red leaping reindeer and snowflakes, with a straight line top border and a pair of zigzag lines on the bottom border. The delightful white and red stripes on these socks capture the essence of Christmas sweaters and pay homage to the classic colours of the season. They instantly evoke the festive spirit of Christmas, making them a perfect choice for adding a touch of holiday cheer to your outfit. These socks are not only visually appealing but also feel comfortable throughout, making them a great gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. In addition to keeping your feet warm and cosy, they can be used to add sophistication to a fireplace or enhance the look of a decorated Christmas tree.