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Code: ORNM1538
Colour: White & Grey with Silver & Black
Size: 21cm x 80mm x 24cm

  • Glamorous white, grey & silver glitter sitting bull Reindeer
  • Contemporary gradated colour from white to silver with white spotted back
  • Reindeer highlighted with silver glitter accents all over
  • Antlers decorated with silver glitter & sequins
  • Christmas deer has silver glitter hooves tucked under his torso
  • Flocked soft to touch texture of pine like needles
  • Includes bead like black eyes & nose
  • 3D deer ornament is resting after the long flights on Christmas day
  • Dimension 21cm x 80mm x 24cm
  • Create a true indoor Christmas display with Santa & Reindeer Christmas ornaments
  • It is normal for glitter & sequin decorated products to lose excess glitter & sequins, especially with initial unpacking & decorating
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Product shipping measurement: 25cm x 90mm x 22cm x 200g
  • Sold individually

    The White & Silver Glittered Flocked Sitting Reindeer Christmas Ornament showcases a glamorous and charming reindeer themed Christmas ornament which every Christmas loving individual including you, wouldn't want to miss out on as it presents a great opportunity of decorating one's spatial decor with the use of silver glitter figurine of Rudolph the reindeer. Its white palette will blend into every decorative theme.

    Rudolph the reindeer is one of Santa's favourite reindeers through which he travels round the world on his yearly gifts sharing duties. But, whenever they are not packaging or distributing gifts, what do these reindeers do? Well, Rudolph prefers to sit down and have a nice nap. This figurine beautifully depicts the figure of a sitting white reindeer having glittered hooves and ornate silver glitter antlers which is further ornamented with the use of sequins. It would blend in perfectly with all Christmas decorative theme.