Animated Products for a Bundle of Laughs Laughter is such a welcome sound in any room. And there's no better time than Christmas to keep the goodwill and cheer flowing easily. We have a large range of animated items to help you kick start the laughs and keep the good times going. Looking for a conversation starter, a cheeky surprise, or endless entertainment for the littlies perhaps? You'll find something to tickle the spot in our range of animated delights.


These captivating and hilarious animated treats are a 'must have' for anyone with a sense of humour. Adorable, random, rocking, musical, and often endearingly oddball, they are definitely worth a thorough look. One of them is sure to wiggle, float, climb, dance or flap its way into your heart. Will it be an amusing puppy to delight the children or grandchildren? Perhaps it will be a dancing Santa to entertain guests or a flapping duck to give everyone in the office a laugh. Or maybe, it'll be a delightful gift for that friend who's in need of an extra smile.

If you want to add a little action to the Christmas cheer this year, these lovely little creatures are a brilliant place to start looking. Choose a product that is traditional, character based, fantasy or just plain fun. All of our products are made from quality durable materials. Some of the products are mains operated and some battery operated. Great as entertainment value or as an addition to a Christmas scene, one of these animated decorations might add the perfect touch to your celebrations.