It is essential that all products purchased from The Christmas Warehouse are only used in the manner that they are intended to be used.

It is very important that the products purchased from us are not modified in any way whatsoever from the condition they were supplied in. We accept no responsibility whatsoever if products are modified in any manner from the condition that they were supplied. If you are at any time unsure about a products intended use, it is essential that you contact us by e-mail immediately for advice in this regard.

On our site, you will note that many products have specified whether the product is suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. It is essential that products that are not specified specifically for outdoor use are only used indoors. The reason for this is that they are not suitable for outdoor use by virtue of their composition or electrical components.

With power to outdoor products and installations, we advise taking precautions at your power source in case of adverse weather conditions and checking with your local qualified electrician about safety and power aspects prior to installation of the products.

Our electrical products are designed for use in accordance with Australian standards, with a standard Australian wall plug and are intended for use with a 240 Volt power supply. Many electrical products use a transformer to convert them to low voltage - where applicable, this is specified in the respective product description. If you wish to use any electrical product outside Australia, please make suitable enquiries with your local electrical retailer or technician about using the product in your country.

Please take extra care with heavy and large products, electrical installations and general child safety precautions as you normally would with items of a similar nature.

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