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Code: LITELD33
Colour: Cool White with Clear Wire Casing
Size: 50m with 6m lead
More: 1000 BULB
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • 1000 cool white LED's
  • Concave Bulb
  • Clear wire casing
  • Multi function memory box with 8 special effects including still burn & twinkle
  • Light length 50m with 6m lead
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Mains operated
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    The light set comes with a function box that has eight different effects for the lights, including still burn. They are perfect for the person who takes their Christmas decorations seriously - or just wants a beautifully decorated entertaining area all year round. LED lights are the Christmas lights of choice because of their brightness and their longevity. They are more energy efficient than normal lights and have better visibility during the day. Versatility is another great feature of the light set. They are ideal for decorating large areas such as halls, marquees, backyards, as well as around the guttering of a house. You can even use them indoor as a ceiling decoration, applying the streamer effect by having the lights hang from ceiling beams. As far as Christmas decorations go, these twinkle lights are as good as it gets - high quality, extra bright, easy to use and long lasting. Find them when you visit the Christmas Warehouse or order them online right now.

    These cool white fairy lights are a wonderful way to bring sparkly brightness and lightness to both indoor and outdoor decor for Christmas, weddings, engagements or other special events. Spanning 50m in length, these ultra long LED string lights are perfect for decorating large spaces and sprawling outdoor areas. Put them up at balconies, patios, lawns and gardens, or hang them in halls, living rooms, windows and receptions to create a gorgeous white setting for any occasion.

    Long lengths of cool white fairy lights that come with multiple special light effects to choose from give you complete versatility to decorate huge entertaining areas to different themes while on a budget. Loop them around rows of trees to light up an outdoor space with elegance and style, attach them to spacious pavilions or gazebos for a dreamy and romantic atmosphere or string them around the interior or exterior of your home to create the mood of a silvery white Christmas.