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Code: OUDRS145
Colour: Blue & Cool White
Size: 30cm x 40cm with 5m lead

  • Festive complex shaped branched star ice crystal dendrite LED rope light motif
  • Light display includes 108 alternating blue & cool white LED concave bulbs in clear tube
  • Bulb spacing 27mm
  • Dimension 30cm x 40cm with 5m lead
  • Black lead wire casing
  • Includes function control box with 8 special effects
  • Effects include combination, in waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing, slow fade, twinkle & static
  • Mounted frame with hook for easy display
  • Mains power operated with low voltage adapter - 36Vdc 166mA 6w
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires adapter to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Create the magic of snowflakes without the worry of the cold by adding our blue and white snowflake motif to your holiday decorations. With bright blue and white LED lights and 8 flashing effects, this superb Christmas decoration in a lovely festive design is sure to make heads turn and brighten your winter evenings year after year.

    This snowflake silhouette measures total 40cm x 30cm x 40cm with 5m lead wire attached to BS mains voltage plug making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A controller allows you to set the speed of the flashing lights to create exactly the right atmosphere of magic and festivity. It will look great on your walls or you can simply hang it up with a hook outside or next to your window for a wonderful window display. You can also combine it with snowman and bell displays for an attractive scene! This product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements. It ships worldwide and sold individually.