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Code: OUDRJB45
Colour: Blue & Cool White on White Frame
Size: 60cm x 60cm x 2m with 5m lead
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Continue your winter wonderland light display with this stunning blue & cool white LED metal Christmas tree. The tree has 5 different light functions including the very special snowing effect where the lights cascade down. The tree stands at an imposing 2m in height and will add a beautiful light element to your display

  • Cool white & blue LED Snowing Christmas 3D cone tree
  • 12 light string strands with 32 alternating bulbs per strand 394 total LED's
  • Star topper with 10 cool white LED's
  • White metal frame
  • 5 functions including snowing & steady
  • Dimension 60cm x 60cm x 2m with 5m lead
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Mains operated
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Special functions allow this tree to have a snowing effect with the blue and white LED bulbs making a winter wonderland of light. Super easy to assemble, packs up small, and packs a light-filled punch for your Christmas light display.

    This tree, which stands a staggering 2m tall, is one such sight to behold. The base and trunk is made of metal, with a string lights stretching from top to bottom to create the cone shape Christmas tree effect. The lights are mixture of cool white and blue LED bulbs, and each shade shines brilliantly. With five different settings, this tree can snow t different speeds but also remain static! The function control box attached to the tree will allow you to choose your special effects. While people generally place light-up items out of doors, this tree is also suitable for indoor use. Imagine using this a focal point at a dimly lit party. Turn the bright lights down, choose a special setting and amaze your guests with a light show emitting from a life-size cone shape Christmas tree. You could also consider purchasing multiple trees and creating a small forest in your yard. Or you could purchase two, and use them as a grand entranceway to your property. No matter how you decide to use this fabulous tree, it is sure to wow your guests and neighbours. Let your creativity decide where to use it, plug it in and watch it shine.

    This elegant and breath-taking Blue & Cool White 3D Christmas Tree stands at an impressive 2m tall, giving you a beautiful, graceful and modern, full height Christmas Tree cast in a stunning glow of silvery blue colours. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this gorgeous, ultra cool and super stylish 3D LED Christmas tree will command attention in the middle of any ballroom or lawn and help create a romantic setting of wintery blue.

    Whether you place this fabulous Blue & Cool White 3D Christmas Tree at your home, retail store or event venue, take this mesmerising focal feature to the next level of spectacular by stringing matching blue and cool white fairy lights across your indoor or outdoor space, to create a sparkling and magical winter wonderland that's perfect for the season. The lighting settings of this light-up Christmas Tree can even be customized to create a dazzling snowing effect.