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Code: ORNMF119
Colour: Various
Size: 40mm x 40mm x 14cm (tree)
More: 8 Pack

Everyone is out shopping to get ready for Christmas while the kids decorate a local tree. Santa's popping to the shops to get some more thermals, and everyone will be ready in time.

  • Cool cruisin' Santa & the towns folk Christmas village scene miniature figurine decorations
  • Scene figurines include:
    • - Cruising cool Santa in his fast red convertible
    • - Father & son with gifts
    • - Kids with their cute little puppy decorating tree
    • - Town folk selling wares
    • - 4 x green trees with white snow tips
  • Dimension 40mm x 40mm x 14cm (tree)
  • All pieces move independently, easy to create the perfect scene
  • Create your own magical Christmas village display with Christmas villages & Christmas village figurines
  • Figurines made from durable polyresin & meticulously hand painted
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a scene of 8

    Whether you decide to display it individually or collectively, the Cool Cruising Santa, Decorating Tree & Gift Selling / Buying Figurine Set all have immense decorative value perfect for creating a festive Christmas celebration. Most of the figurines exhibit people's preparation towards a fun filled Christmas celebration by shopping for and/or selling necessary Christmas items just like you are currently.

    There are four human figurine and four snow frosted Christmas tree figurine in this 8 piece set of Cool Cruising Santa, Decorating Tree & Gift Selling / Buying Figurines. Of the four human themed figurines, one showcases Santa driving a garland decorated convertible car with a cut Christmas tree in the backseat. Another piece features four kids and a dog decorating a Christmas tree. The other two human figurines seal with either having bought or in the process of buying and selling groceries and Christmas items. You can place these figurines individually in strategic points of your house or group them together for a collective decorative effect. You can place it on living room tables, dining tables, display shelves, and even office tables.