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Code: BONS2367
Colour: White & Silver
Size: 50mm x 50mm x 30cm
More: 50 Pack

  • Shiny silver & gloss white Christmas crackers with cursive Merry Christmas text pattern
  • Pack design includes:
    • - 25 x shiny silver cursive text of Merry Christmas on gloss white cracker body & handles
    • - 25 x gloss white cursive text of Merry Christmas on shiny silver cracker body & handles
  • Bonbon contents sealed with shiny silver ribbon at twists
  • Each Christmas cracker includes a snap, gift, hat & joke
  • Individual cracker dimension 50mm x 50mm x 30cm
  • Christmas bon bons are great for Christmas dinner or lunch, in December & July!
  • These crackers may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a bulk pack of 50
  • May contain pieces that are not suitable for children under 3 years

    The Merry Christmas Gloss White & Shiny Silver Cursive Text Bon Bons sound like a charming and versatile addition to any festive occasion. With their charming design and shiny silver finish, they can complement various interior styles and upgrade your style quotient while maintaining a festive atmosphere.

    While they are perfect for Christmas, these deluxe Christmas crackers should not be limited to that occasion alone. They can be used for other celebrations such as Easter, weddings, and formal or semi-formal events. The high-quality look of the shiny silver wrap with classic text and simple knot finish gives these crackers a sophisticated appearance, making them a suitable complement to high-class luncheons and other sophisticated gatherings. The Merry Christmas Gloss White & Shiny Silver Cursive Text Bon Bons offer an exquisite addition to your Christmas decorations. The shiny silver wrap adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, creating a festive atmosphere that can enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.�