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Code: OUDRJB35
Colour: Red, Cool White & Green
Size: 45cm x 80cm with 5m lead

Such a cute rope light! The gorgeous candy cane is not so ordinary with a brilliant green bow adding to the fun! On a wire frame meaning no assembly, colourful, cute and ready to display, it's a great addition to your stunning display.

  • Red & cool white candy cane with green bow rope light motif
  • Light display includes 216 cool white LED concave bulbs in clear rope tube
  • Bulb spacing 28mm
  • Dimension 45cm x 80cm with 5m lead
  • Black lead wire casing
  • Includes function box with twinkle & flash sequences
  • Mains power operated with low voltage adapter - 36Vdc 100mA 3.6w
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires adapter to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Along with the Christmas tree, Santa, reindeer, and the sleigh, candy canes are another one of those iconic symbols that can only mean Christmas is near. They're red and white just like Santa's suit, and they taste like peppermint to ward off winter blues. Our fanciful red, white and green LED Candy Cane lighted ornament is a larger than life candy cane dressed in a holiday bow. Brilliant red and white rope lights are encased in durable plastic tubing and create the candy cane silhouette. Green lights form a large bow that's wrapped around the candy. Ornament can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Try using this delightful illuminated ornament in a group with several candy canes, elves, reindeer, and a sleigh, or place them in trees and bushes. You can create a border using numerous candy canes for a true winter wonderland effect.