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Code: TREEGL90
Colour: Green with Silver & Natural
Size: 50cm x 50cm x 90cm (including 22cm tip)
More: 90cm

  • Sapling Christmas tree with silver glittered pine needle tips
  • Natural looking tree has 96 tips
  • Glittered tips span 90mm from tip of branch down
  • Needles include glittered tip & plain needle
  • Dimension 50cm x 50cm x 90cm (including 22cm tip)
  • Attached green branches for easy fluffing
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Includes burlap bag base
  • Simply unpack with some sprucing required
  • Sold individually

    Table-top Christmas trees are all the rage these days. Get this silver glittered needle top pin tree today!

    Having small-sized pine trees at home is every modern family's best investment because it can be used for multiple occasions including Christmas. And that is even better when it has a fresh and natural look. This silver glittered needle tip pine tree is the perfect example. Made with natural-looking pine, this mini pine sapling has 96 tips all glittered with silver. There are green branches attached for an additional fluffy look. The tree comes with a burlap bag base so it presents a clean look with no spillage. It is only 90 cm tall so it does not take up too much space, if lack of space was a concern in your modern home. Because of its size, sprucing it up has never been easier and saves energy and time, perfectly adjusting to the needs of your modern lifestyle.