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Christmas trees evoke a sense of magic during the holiday season. People young and old stare at their twinkling lights and a sense of wonder often overtakes them. Christmas trees would simply not feel complete without a few of the essentials: brightly coloured bobbles, a shining star at the top, twinkle lights, and of course, beautiful garland wrapped around the tree. Here at the Christmas Warehouse you can find a wide variety of garland.

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Beaded garland is a particularly stunning variety of garland for your tree. Bright and shiny, the beaded garland from the Christmas Warehouse comes in a variety of colours. Choose a Christmas like red or gold, or mix it up a bit with blue or pink. Whichever colour you choose is sure to shine along with your baubles and favourite ornaments.

All of the garland varieties measure 10m, which is plenty long to wrap around your tree a few times. You could also consider stringing it above a door or window to bring holiday cheer to other spaces in your home. With a pearlescent sheen, the beaded garland is sure to look fabulous in any room of the house. Place the garland near twinkling lights and watch each bead sparkle and shine.

Complete the look of your Christmas tree this holiday season with beaded garland from the Christmas Warehouse. Choose one colour, or consider trying a few. You are sure to be satisfied with the element of class the garland is sure to add to your tree. For a complete and detailed Christmas tree, visit the Christmas Warehouse for all of your tree-decking needs.