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For the holiday - ready animal lover, these Christmas ornaments unite two of your favourite things: fuzzy faces and festive cheer! Style your adorable animal ornaments together or separately for a downright precious décor scheme.

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These Christmas animal ornaments all have one thing in common—they’re undeniably loveable. Plush, fabric, and soft - style animal ornaments include classic holiday animals and a few inventive new characters. Jazz up your display shelf, desk, Christmas tree, or kitchen countertops with these precious seasonal figurines and you’ll be reminded to enjoy the precious little things of the yuletide season. These freestanding holiday ornaments will woo your Scrooge - like relatives, co - workers, and friends by stealing their hearts and spreading the joy of the holidays. You’re your characters in a central focal point of your home or tuck them into your tree boughs for a unique Christmas tree design with plenty of personality. Create your own unified theme tree by purchasing multiple ornaments in the same or similar styles.

Each animal ornament comes with precious holiday details to customize your décor and lend each piece its own unique personality. Standing miniatures offer a cute and festive design opportunity for any space or surface, and feature a number of precious details. From scarves, hats, and mittens to frosted snowy noses, these animal ornaments boast their own set of holiday accessories that are each more adorable than the last. Each fabric ornament includes a wide range of materials add a distinctively realistic touch to every character, including soft faux fur, natural details, and crafted woven details.

If you need an extra touch of holiday magic in your life, these miniature animal ornaments are just what Santa ordered. Display them on your office desk, bookshelf, kitchen island, or side table for a surprise dose of seasonal cheer. Viewers will love exploring all the tiny life - like details of your holiday character, from expertly made miniature clothing to breed - specific features. Some holiday animal ornaments also come donned with precious imitations of items that could be found in nature, like pinecones, evergreen sprigs, snowfall, and berries.

Decorate your mantelpiece with multiple copies of your favourite Christmas animal ornament to create your own team of spirited holiday creatures. Design a thematic display to celebrate bears, birds, and other adorable forest critters. Bring the precious variety of wooded creatures into your home with these small animal ornaments bedecked in the season’s warmest winter accessories. Each figurine looks as though it’s just hopped in from the snowy outdoors, dusted in a fresh powdery layer of flurries.

Add a natural countryside appeal to your home swags, shelves, and tabletops. Incorporate your beloved holiday creatures into your centrepieces or table settings for your special holiday dinners. Match a little holiday bird with every place setting or pair with elegant ribbons and candles for a unique and creative centrepiece display. Place charming details to your holiday party hors d’oeuvre tables by placing a cute critter ornament near the toothpicks, salt and pepper, or napkin holders. Your guests will love finding these festive little helpers all around your party’s locale.

Pair an animal ornament with garlands, tinsel, candles, or other festive figurines and décor items to create a multidimensional look in your home. This Christmas, customize your décor to suit you and your family’s personal style. Get creative by mixing and matching your old favourites with new, delightful design items to keep your holiday decorating routine fresh.

For an exciting gift - wrapping option, try attaching an animal figurine to your packaged gifts. Tie a ribbon around your covered present and affix your animal ornament with a bow, wire, or small string. Your recipient will love admiring the clever gift - wrap design and unique composition. This stylish giving technique allows your loved ones to receive two gifts in one package: a cheerful decorative animal plush, as well as the contents of the wrapped item. Your recipient will love getting to hang or place the ornament they’ve received as part of their gift wrapping.