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Code: ORNMF716
Colour: Gold, Green, Red, Brown, Blue & Pink
Size: 28cm x 13cm x 28cm

  • Gold traditional lantern with illuminated & rotating inside Christmas tree scene
  • Lantern is brushed gold with decorative holly sprigs on top
  • Inside scene comprises of children decorating a Christmas tree
  • Soft glow emits from inside while it gently rotates & various traditional music is played
  • Dimension 28cm x 13cm x 28cm
  • 3 x AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Sold individually

    This Gold traditional lantern with an illuminated and rotating Christmas tree scene inside makes for a unique decoration that will look beautiful during the day and also when lit up at night. It can illuminate the dark little corners in a home and brighten up evening parties when sitting atop a patio table or on the mantle inside.

    The simple brushed gold design of this luminary with decorative holly sprigs on top, snowflake and star patterns at the base lets the scene inside take centre stage. The inside scene comprises of children happily decorating a Christmas tree with one child climbed on top of an adult to put the star tree topper. When switched on, soft glow emits from inside while it gently rotates with various traditional music being played in the background. Hang it as a welcoming ornament from a hook on the wall in the entryway or simply place it in one central spot and let it steal the show!