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Code: ANIMTM97
Colour: Multi Colour
Size: 24cm X 20cm x 22cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Surfs up with this animated & musical Santa hanging loose from his beach going Kombi like van
  • Santa has his wave smashing surfboard on the roof ready to go
  • Van wobbles along to the 1964 classic Beach Boys tune Little Saint Nick
  • Activated by push button on Santa's left hand
  • Dimension 24cm X 20cm x 22cm
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries already included
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old without parental supervision
  • Sold individually

    Let your child be the centre of attraction this Christmas with the Animated Surf Loving Santa & Van With Longboard. Other kids around the neighbourhood, in the park or wherever else the family goes to have some Christmas fun, are going to come flocking around your child when you gift him/her this animated Santa with a fun loving tendency.

    At The Christmas Warehouse, we have stocks that are suitable gift items for every member of the family, including children. This is why this animated version of Santa would make an amazing gift for every boy and girl this Christmas season. In this setting, Santa is depicted as being driving a van with his head and left arm sticking out the window in a jollying manner. The van has a surfboard on the top showcasing that Santa is on his way to the beach to have some Christmas fun. At just the push of the area marked "G" on Santa's left hand, Santa and his van would wobble and rock to the 1964 Beach Boys tune "Little Saint Nick". It is powered using just two AA batteries which is already included in every order you place. Please note that it isn't advisable that children under 3 years play with this animated Santa without Adult supervision.