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Code: ORNM2078
Colour: Wood with Red & Gold
Size: 16cm x 70mm x 28cm

A lovely way to complement your natural theme. This wooden three dimensional standing tree is made from laser cut wood with a natural layer, a red washed payer, and a brown washed layer. Simple and evocative, and right for any table display.

  • Wooden three layer Christmas trees standing ornament
  • Layers include gold rustic look, glittered red & natural wood
  • Includes box base
  • Dimension 16cm x 70mm x 28cm (base 10cm x 50mm x 30mm)
  • Create an amazing Christmas dinner table setting focused on a centre of tabletop ornaments
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Christmas trees play an important role in Christmases. Since the popularity of Christmas celebration several centuries ago, Christmas trees have become and remains till this day, a tradition that is part and parcel of Christmas celebration. A Xmas without Christmas tree is almost unimaginable. This long standing tradition of Christmas trees is what influenced the artistic crafting of this Brown, Red & Natural Wooden Layered Christmas Trees Ornament.

    The Brown, Red & Natural Wooden Layered Christmas Trees Ornament is a charming ornamental craftwork that is thematically preoccupied with the symbolism, beauty and elegance of Christmas trees. In this particular piece, it features three layered Christmas tree shaped crafted wood with differing colouration and size. They all have a shape similar to most of the evergreen trees which are the popular Christmas tree choice. The first of these wooden crafted Xmas tree has a creamy brown colouration. The second layer which is the middle layer is painted red in line with the red Christmas colour and then covered in shiny glitters. The last layer which is the smallest retains its natural wood colouration but has a touch of gold glitter dusting which gives it a shine. All three layers of similarly crafted wood stand on a smooth glazed rectangular base. Hence, you can easily place it on the living room table as the centrepiece, on the dining table, side table, display shelf, office table and any other flat surface of your choosing.