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Code: XM204150
Colour: Burgundy with Gold
Size: 14cm x 25mm x 14cm

  • Wreath shaped hanging ornament
  • Decoration is burgundy with gold glitter highlights
  • Includes natural twine loop for easy hanging
  • Dimension 14cm x 25mm x 14cm
  • Sold individually

    The Burgundy With Gold Glitter Cascade Wreath Hanging Decoration is a beautiful, artificial wreath made of resin and imbued with such adorable design. It is composed of petals of flowers the tips of which are dipped and covered in silver coloured glitters. These petals of flower are arranged one over another in a cascading manner which makes it delightful to look at.

    In making wreaths, the stem and petals of flowers are often used, but not like this CASCADE HANGING WREATH DECORATION. This wreath sees the flower stems as unnecessary and therefore goes straight to weaving just the petals of flower in such visually attractive patterns. The petals are arranged over one another in a beautifully cascading pattern while the tip of each petal is coated in silver coloured glitters. These glittering tips brighten up the cool, alluring wine coloured petals. Choosing this resin made flower wreath means your home, office and store is free from the mess of leaves and petals dropping to the floor. This makes it perfect for use in corporate establishments like in hotels, offices, restaurants, and even in homes. It is bound to give your Christmas decoration a lift.