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Code: CERA1722
Colour: White with Silver
Size: 38cm x 30mm x 10cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Bring Peace to your home this year with this lovely ceramic ornament. Featuring the word 'Peace' in white & silver - it will complement any decorative theme you may have

  • White ceramic ' PEACE ' motif with silver outline
  • Contemporary design invoking the spirit of Christmas
  • Dimension 38cm x 30mm x 10cm
  • Sold individually

    Welcome family & friends into your home this Christmas with Peace. This ceramic ornament in white & silver is as simple as it is elegant

    This White & Silver 'Peace' ornament serves as a symbol of tranquillity and serenity that you wish for yourself and your near and dear ones in true Christmas spirit. Its different meanings like the peace of mind, peace in the world and the universal message of 'Peace not war' makes it a must-have decorative accessory!

    The white ceramic design gives a vintage feel and the shiny silver outline adds a metallic contemporary twist to this freestanding ornament. With a dimension of 38cm x 30mm x 10cm, this trinket is sold only one piece per order and will elegantly grace your tabletop, desk, wall unit, room shelf, windowsill, kitchen counter or mantelpiece or any other place for everyone to see. Anywhere you place this motif; it will bring a cozy and peaceful aura to the room. This product can be shipped worldwide and can be a perfect holiday gift since its meaning resonates with many and is ever popular today.