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Code: CERA1727
Colour: Champagne
Size: 13cm x 60mm x 20cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Elegant standing Reindeer ornament in shiny champagne finish
  • Antlers swept back in sleek look
  • Dimension 13cm x 60mm x 20cm
  • Sold individually

    An ideal decoration, the Elegant Standing Reindeer ornament is here to delight you and your guests and bring special seasonal and outdoorsy charm to your home. This graceful creature is 13cm x 60mm x 20cm in dimension and has antlers swept back in a sleek look with a shiny champagne finish.

    Its glossy exterior makes it reflect the light of coloured baubles or other shining ornaments beautifully and makes it look striking under the night lights. So be prepared for some compliments when you place this pretty little deer on your tabletop, wall unit, kitchen counter, office desk, mantlepiece or next to the fireplace. This product is sold as one piece per order and you can also create a wonderful wintry display with it adding some faux snow, pines and other woodland creatures. Our high-quality decoration can be yours wherever you are located, thanks to the company's worldwide shipping availability!