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Code: OUDRLS15
Colour: Red & Green
Size: Covers up to 12m x 12m squared area
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Red & Green multi point laser light
  • More than 1000 light points
  • Multiple mode combinations including flash, static & single colour
  • Wireless IR remote (can be used up to 9m from stand)
  • Battery for remote not included
  • Covers up to 12m x 12m squared area
  • Waterproof & suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Low voltage adapter uses less power
  • Great for house tree or garden displays
  • Dimension laser stand 11cm x 12cm x 30cm with 1.5m lead
  • Sold individually

    The magic of the Red and Green Laser Light is that with just the push of a button on the wireless IR remote (can be used up to 9m from stand), you can transform a simple area or tree into an amazing light display. The dimensions of the laser stand are 11cm x 12cm x 30cm covering up to 12m x 12m squared area with more than 1000 light points.

    Being waterproof and having 1.5m lead wire makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Multiple mode combinations including flash and static can be created by alternating between red, green or combining both! This holiday season let the flashing red and green lights through the trees dazzle your guests and passersby! A great addition to your outdoor display, its low voltage adapter is energy-efficient and uses less power. The product is sold individually and battery for the remote is not included.