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Code: RIBN1716
Colour: Gold on Champagne
Size: 3m x 65mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Gold edged on champagne satin ribbon with gold glitter tree design
  • Dimension 3m x 65mm
  • Sold individually

    Want to dress up your kitchen in a little gold this Christmas? This Gold & Champagne Tree Design Satin Ribbon has many uses, but one of them can be to help you fancify the room that you'll likely spend a good amount of time in during the holiday season.

    You could start with one of the biggest decorating projects in the kitchen by wrapping as few or as many kitchen cabinets as you would like and putting a matching ribbon bow at the centre to make each door look like a wrapped gift. If you have seating in the kitchen, you can create a bow to go on the back of each chair. Take small pieces of the ribbon and make bows, curls, and any other shapes you wish, attach it to small magnets, then put them on your refrigerator. If you have a back door that leads out to the yard from the kitchen, you can wrap that door up with the ribbon as well.